And in the digital SLR range I own a Nikon D70 with a Sigma 10mm - 20mm DC HSM wide angle lens, a Nikon SB-600 dedicated speedlight and a 150-500mm Sigma autofocus telephoto lens. The 150-500mm lens was given to me by one of the guys in the Ulysses Motorcycle Club ..... Thanks Pete.

Most of my photography is done for friends. Weddings, Baptisms and countless birthday parties. If it wern't for the fact that I take photos for friends then I probably wouldn't have any excuses for adding to my equipment.
I got my first camera at the age of  ten which was a box brownie ( much like the one to the right ). Since then I have owned a couple of Ricoh's and a Pentax in the film range.

In the compact digital range I own an Olympus utough which I keep in the bike for the odd snapshot. I also use this camera to mount on the bike so I can take video of rides.
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This is a photo of our dog taken with the box brownie many years ago